Ryan Lighting, LLC is recognized as one of the leading lighting retrofit contractors in the western region.  Since 2002, Ryan Lighting has completed over 3,000 lighting retrofits, specializing in:
  • industrial
  • commercial
  • medical
  • retail
  • office space
  • warehouses
  • gas stations
  • auto dealers
  • parking lots
  • parking garages
  • assembly halls
  • grocery
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • churches
  • gymnasiums
Mike Ryan, owner & President of Ryan Lighting since 2002, has over 25 years of experience as an energy efficient lighting expert.  The Ryan Lighting team has demonstrated ongoing commitment to research & implementation of new technologies in this dynamic industry, integrity in all business relationships & dedication to community betterment locally & globally.
Ryan Lighting has an extensive network of experienced lighting consultants & licensed installers throughout the US to meet your company's needs wherever your properties are located.
  • Complimentary Lighting Audit of your Building
  • Customized, Detailed Proposal that Includes:

  • Preparation of the Utility Company's Rebate Application
  • Lighting Retrofit performed by Trained Technicians
  • Installation Hours Scheduled to have Minimal Impact on your Company's Business Activity
  • Proper Disposal of Obsolete Lighting & Generated Debris
  • Manufacturer's Warranty on All Hardware, Parts & Systems
~ Projected Annual Electrical Lighting Savings
~ Maintenance Savings
~ Project Cost for All Materials & Labor
~ Utility Rebate Amount
~ Net Cost
~ Energy Policy Act Benefit Credit Amount   
~ Projected Environmental Impact Savings
~ Comparison of Efficiency between your Existing
  Fixtures & our Proposed Fixtures