45,542,000 kWh
60,978,000 Pounds Carbon Dioxide Reduction
Over $7.5 Million on Utility Bills
"Environmental responsibility, aesthetics & money saving solutions for your lighting ... energy efficiency is a bright idea for the future of your business!"
2014 ENERGY SCENARIO: Energy has become less abundant & more expensive.  Recently developed lighting technology is more efficient & attractive than ever before. Government tax credits, local utility rebates, along with energy cost savings make many lighting retrofit projects' payback periods under 12 months.  Interest-free, on-bill financing offered by many utility companies allow for zero out-of-pocket costs to you.
Doesn't it make good business sense to retrofit your business' lighting now?
Whether you are a business owner trying to maximize your profitability, a seasoned facilities manager needing an experienced & knowledgable ally to execute your energy-efficiency plan OR you have been tasked with the project of making your company more energy-efficient and don't know where to start, Ryan Lighting would like to be your full-service partner.
Ryan Lighting prides itself on staying on the leading edge of developments in technology, as well as staying current  with government & local utility rebates and tax credit programs.